Cleveland Browns at St. Louis Rams

Sunday October 25, 2015

Regular Season Game #5

Rule                                                                                          Penalty

  1. They show the Arch                                                       1 Drink
  2. They show any part of East St. Louis                            1 Drink
  3. They show Rams offensive assistant Jeff Garcia          1 Drink
  4. Jeff Garcia looks skiddish (Butch Davis)                       2 Drinks
  5. Todd Gurley runs for 100 yards                                     5 Drinks
  6. Todd Gurley runs for 200 yards                                    10 Drinks
  7. Todd Gurley runs for 1000 yards in this game          FINISH BEER
  8. Dwayne Bowe does anything positive         Go Home You’re Drunk
  9. Show Ray Famer                                                              1 Drink
  10. Ray Farmer texting on phone                                          1 Drink
  11. Show Johnny Manziel                                                    2 Drinks
  12. Twitter says Johnny Manziel should be starting             Social
  13. Justin Gilbert gets burned                                                Social
  14. Justin Gilbert plays WR                                                      1 Drink
  15. Justin Gilbert burns someone else                                    1 Drink
  16. It is evident at any point Gilbert is our best WR          Finish Beer 
  17. You realize Brian Anderson is on play by play                SOCIAL
  18. Someone asks if Brian Anderson pitched for Tribe           1 Drink
  19. You say another Brian Anderson pitched for them in 2003 1 Drink
  20. Any Mention of Cleveland Past Failures.                         SOCIAL
  21. BROWNS WIN!                                                               SOCIAL!!

*Most of you know how this goes. It is for entertainment purposes only and any and all suggestions of actual drinking are purely incidental.