Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns

Sunday October 18, 2015

Regular Season Game #6

Rule                                                                                          Penalty

  1. Dwayne Bowe plays                                                        1 Drink
  2. Dwayne Bowe does anything positive          Go Home You’re Drunk
  3. Show Johnny Manziel                                                      1 Drink
  4. Show Colleen Crowley                                                     1 Drink
  5. Colleen Crowley Posts Selfie During Game                    2 Drinks
  6. Colleen Crowley Posts Selfie from Texas                        3 Drinks
  7. Colleen Crowley Posts Selfie with Manziel’s Wallet        5 Drinks
  8. Show Paul Kruger with Johnny Manziel                         10 Drinks
  9. Twitter says Johnny Manziel should be starting               Social
  10. Justin Gilbert gets burned                                                 Social
  11. Justin Gilbert plays WR                                                     1 Drink
  12. Justin Gilbert burns someone else                                    1 Drink
  13. TJ Ward shown                                                                 1 Drink
  14. TJ Ward Interception                                                         1 Drink
  15. TJ Ward Touchdown                                                         6 Drinks
  16. Jordan Norwood Catch                                                      1 Drink
  17. Jordan Norwood TD                                                          6 Drinks
  18. Mention Peyton Hillis- the ‘Albino Rhino’/ Quinn Trade      1 Drink
  19. Jimmy Haslam seen making out with Peyton Manning    Finish Beer
  20. Mention The Drive                                                           Finish Beer
  21. Mention The Fumble                                                       Finish Beer
  22. Show John Elway                                                            Finish Beer
  23. Any Mention of Cleveland Past Failures.                         SOCIAL
  24. BROWNS WIN!                                                                SOCIAL!!

*Most of you know how this goes. It is for entertainment purposes only and any and all suggestions of actual drinking are purely incidental.