Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Sunday October 11, 2015

Regular Season Game #5

Rule                                                                                          Penalty

  1. Any mention of “Play like a Brown”                              1 Drink
  2. Dwayne Bowe predicts success                                     1 Drink
  3. Dwayne Bowe plays                                                        1 Drink
  4. Dwayne Bowe drops pass                                               2 Drinks
  5. Dwayne Bowe does anything positive         Go Home You’re Drunk
  6. Joe Haden’s finger hurts                                                  1 Drink
  7. Joe Haden is a late scratch                                              6 Drinks
  8. Joe Haden interception                                                    10 Drinks
  9. Mike Pettine thows Joe Haden under bus                   10 Drinks
  10. Show Ray Famer                                                              1 Drink
  11. Ray Farmer texting on phone                                          1 Drink
  12. Show Johnny Manziel                                                    10 Drinks
  13. Twitter says Johnny Manziel should be starting             Social
  14. One week fantasy league commercial shown                 1 Drink
  15. Justin Gilbert gets burned                                                Social
  16. Justin Gilbert plays WR                                                      1 Drink
  17. Justin Gilbert burns someone else                                    1 Drink
  18. It is evident at any point Gilbert is our best WR          Finish Beer 
  19. You notice he NFL forgot something to make pink          1 Drink
  20. Gary Barnidge breaks Newsome TD record (3 in a row)  1 Drink
  21. Mention the move                                                           Finish Beer
  22. Mention Art Modell                                                            Social
  23. John Harbaugh called “Jim”                                             1 Drink
  24. Any Browns penalty on a FG                                           5 Drinks
  25. Matt Schaub plays                                                           SOCIAL
  26. Any Mention of Cleveland Past Failures.                         SOCIAL
  27. BROWNS WIN!                                                               SOCIAL!!

*Most of you know how this goes. It is for entertainment purposes only and any and all suggestions of actual drinking are purely incidental.